Nasuhe Railway Bridge

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Nasuhe Railway Bridge
Tongxinxiang, Yunnan, China
302 feet high / 92 meters high
341 foot span / 104 meter span

Nasuhe Railway Bridge.jpg

Nasuhe Railway Bridge is one of several giant beam spans on the Yuxi to Mohan Railway in Yunnan Province that is eventually expected to connect the large cities of Kunming, China with Bangkok, Thailand. The most famous crossing on the route is the colossal Yuanjiang Railway Bridge with piers 154 meters tall and the highest truss span in the world at 223 meters.

Nasuhe Railway Bridge at Km 245 has a central span configuration of 61+104+61 meters on piers as tall as 72 meters.


Nasuhe Railway Bridge satellite image.


Nasuhe Railway Bridge Location map.