Pinglai Liuliguang Glass Footbridge

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Pinglai Liuliguang Glass Footbridge
Nantou, Taiwan, China
(98) feet high / (30) meters high
(262) foot span / (80) meter span

Pinglai By kevin lin.jpg

Image by kevin lin.

One of Taiwan's few glass footbridges, the Pinglai Liuliguang tourist span is located within a remote region of Nantou near Yushan National Park.

Also in the same river canyon further upstream is the even higher Shuilian Footbridge.

PinglaiHigh By 賴小凱.jpg

Image by 賴小凱.

PinglaiCanyon by 周志聰.jpg

Image by 周志聰.

Pinglai by 陳志雄.jpg

Image by 陳志雄.

PinglaiBy 周鎮岳.jpg

Image by 周鎮岳.

Pinglai Prob 30mtrH 80mtrSpan.jpg


Pinglai By 月合連.jpg

Image by 月合連.

Pinglai By 黃麗美.jpg

Image by 黃麗美.

Pinglai by Wang Lewis.jpg

Image by Wang Lewis.

Pinglai by 沈筱柔.jpg

Image by 沈筱柔.


Pnglai by Ken Lu.jpg

Image by Ken Lu.


Image by 賴俊良.

Pinglai By 王彥宸.jpg

Image by 王彥宸.

Pinglai by Lucas Wong.jpg

Image by Lucas Wong.

Pinglai by 大型月底.jpg

Image by 大型月底.

Pinglai By 張中平.jpg

Image by 張中平.

Pinglai By Dương Nguyễn.jpg

Image by Dương Nguyễn.


Pinglai Liuliguang Glass Footbridge satellite image.


Pinglai Liuliguang Glass Footbridge location map.