Qingshuihe Bridge Baoping

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Qingshuihe Bridge Baoping
Baoji, Shaanxi, China
(295) feet high / (90) meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span

Qingshuihe Bridge Baoping.jpg

Qingshuihe Bridge Baoping is the longest beam bridge on the stretch of the G85 Baoping Expressway between Baoji and Pingkan in Shaanxi Province, China.

The 1,440 meter long structure has a main span configuration of 65+5x120+65 meters on piers as tall as 73.5 meters.

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Qingshuihe Baoping 1.jpg

Qingshuihe Bridge BaopingSatellite.jpg

Qingshuihe Bridge Baoping satellite image.

Qingshuihe Bridge BaopingSatelliteWide.jpg


Qingshuihe Bridge Baoping location map.

Baoping expressway.jpg

Baoping Expressway map.