Qiuba Railway Bridge

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Qiuba Railway Bridge
Xipingzhen, Guizhou, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
(262) foot span / (80) meter span

Qiuba RailwayKm45EastOfXiangjiangRailway.JPG

Qiuba Railway Bridge is a 737 meter long viaduct on the remote Wengma freight railway between Zunyi and Weng'an in Central Guizhou. This Wengma railway was constructed primarily to transport phosphate reserves that are prominent in Weng'an County and make Guizhou a big exporter of fertilizer.

Just to the west is the massive Xiangjiang Railway Bridge with the tallest railway bridge pier in the world at 164.5 meters. Equally spectacular is the Jiangjiehe Railway Bridge located 20 kilometers to the south on the same railway line. This 320 meter concrete arch span is one of the highest railway crossings in China at 298 meters.


The Xiangjiang Railway Bridge.

Jiangjiehe railway draw.jpg

Jiangjiehe Railway Bridge render.


Qiuba Railway Bridge satellite image.


Xiangjiang and Qiuba Railway Bridges satellite image.


Xiangjiang railway bridge location.jpg

Qiuba Railway Bridge location map.

Weng'an to Zunyi Map.jpg

Wengma Railway route.