Ragaiolo Footbridge

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Ragaiolo Footbridge
Ponte Ragaiolo
Rabbi, Trentino-South Tyrol, Italy
(164) feet high / (50) meters high
328 foot span / 100 meter span


Opened in 2015, the Ragaiolo Footbridge is part of a hiking trail near the tourist town of Rabbi within the gorgeous dello Stelvio National Park of Italy. The main span of 100 meters has a sag of 5 meters or 5% of the main span. A typical full size road suspension bridge has a cable sag of 10% of the main span length.

The crossing was built in front of the beautiful cascades of the Ragaiolo waterfall. The .8 meter wide deck can handle a maximum load of 60 tons.

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Ragaiolo Footbridge satellite image.

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Ragaiolo Footbridge location map.

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