Sanchaxi Bridge

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Sanchaxi Bridge
Jingning, Zhejiang, China
(361) feet high / (110) meters high
558 foot span / 170 meter span

Sanchaxi Render.jpg

Sanchaxi Bridge is one of two high spans along the Jingwen expressway between Jingning and Wencheng. The main span of 170 meters is supported on piers as tall as 79.5 meters.

Just a few kilometers to the east is the beautiful Gaolingtou Bridge that crosses high above a remote mountain reservoir. The 1,483 meter long structure has a central cable stayed span configuration of 140+300+140 meters on towers as tall as 203.8 and 192.9 meters. The tallest pier below deck is 109.6 meters.



Sanchaxi Clouds.jpg

Sanchaxi Valley.jpg

Sanchaxi Foundation.jpeg

Sanchaxi Piers.jpg

Sanchaxi Satellite.jpg

Sanchaxi Bridge satellite image.

Sanchaxi Location.jpg

Sanchaxi Bridge location map.

Jingning to Wencheng expressway route.jpeg