Tel Aviv–Jerusalem Railway Bridge Number 10

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Tel Aviv–Jerusalem Railway Bridge Number 10
Jerusalem, Israel
(312) feet high / (95) meters high
410 foot span / 125 meter span

Bridge10 24.jpeg

The highest bridge in Israel, the Tel Aviv–Jerusalem Railway Bridge #10 crosses a deep valley on the northwest outskirts of Jurusalem. Opened in 2018, the 975 meter long concrete cantilevered beam structure consists of three main spans of 125 meters on piers as tall as 86.5 meters. The twin viaducts have a width that varies between 12.5 and 16.2 meters.

With a design speed of 160 kilometers an hour, the electrified route allows a travel time of only 25 minutes between Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem. There are several other large bridges and tunnels along the route including the Valley of Ayalon Viaduct.


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Tel Aviv–Jerusalem Railway Bridge #10 satellite image.



Tel Aviv–Jerusalem Railway Bridge #10 location map.