Tianmen Bridge

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Tianmen Bridge
Qinggangling, Guizhou, China
1,837 feet high / 560 meters high
2,690 foot span / 820 meter span


One of the 5 highest suspension bridges in the world, the Tianmen Bridge soars 560 meters above the famous Beipan River along the spectacular Anpan Expressway. The Tianmen suspension bridge is the third crossing of the Beipan River to exceed 500 meters in height after the Duge and Huajiang Bridges.

The 1,553 meter long structure consists of a main span of 820 meters with a cable sag ratio of 9.5 to 1. The approaches consists of 11 spans of 40 meters on the east side and 7 spans of 40 meters on the west side. The two main towers are 200 and 135 meters tall. The deck is 548 meters above the full reservoir level or approximately 560 meters above the original level of the Beipan River.

Tianmen Bridge is the highest of several spectacular high level crossings on the amazing Anpan Expressway that cuts across an extremely mountainous section of Guizhou Province between Panzhou near the Guizhou/Yunnan border and Anshun in Guizhou Province. The Anpan is the only expressway in the world to have five bridges that exceed 300 meters in height including Liuchehe, Tianmen, Guniuhe, Wumengshan and Liuzhi Bridges.

Just 8 kilometers to the east is the epic Guniuhe arch bridge with a deck height of more than 400 meters and a span of 520 meters that ranks among the 10 longest arch spans in the world.


Tianmen Bridge Elevation





Image by Eric Sakowski / HighestBridges.com


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Tianmen Bridge satellite image.

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Tianmen Bridge location map.