Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong

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Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong
Renhuai, Guizhou, China
1,148 feet high / 350 meters high
3,166 foot span / 965 meter span

Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong Render.jpeg

Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong is the highest bridge in the entire Renhuai City region and one of the 25 highest bridges in the world. The 1,451 meter long suspension bridge is the premiere crossing on the Jinrentong Expressway that connects Jinsha to Renhuai to Tongzi. The route has many other large and spectacular concrete beam bridges.

The towers of Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong are 208 and 140 meters tall. The south bridge approach consists of an 80 meter span cantilevered beam bridge.

Renhuai City has become one of the hot spots of high bridges in Guizhou Province with such beautiful spans like Maotai, Yanjinhe, Xiaohekou, Luolu, Miaoyin and Dafaqu Bridges all within a 30 minute drive.

Tongzihe Bridge JinrentongDrone2.jpeg

Tongzihe Bridge JinrentongDrone4.jpeg

Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong Drone.jpeg

Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong TowerRender.jpg

Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong PierFoundation.jpeg

Tongzihe Bridge JinrentongFoundation.jpeg

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Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong Approach.jpeg

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Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong Render2.jpg

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The nearby Luolu arch bridge was the highest in the Renhuai region when it opened in 2003 and replaced a rickety footbridge from 1992 that was the highest span in China for several years.

Luolu bridge8.jpg

The original Luolu footbridge from 1992 still stands 150 meters above the river.


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Tongzihe Bridge JinrentongSatellite.jpg

Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong satellite image.

Tongzihe Bridge JinrentongPlanetSatellite.jpg

Tongzihe Bridge JinrentongSatelliteWide.jpg

Tongzihe Bridge JinrentongTopo.jpg

Tongzihe Bridge Jinrentong location map.

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