Tsutsuji Footbridge

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Tsutsuji Footbridge
Nasu, Tochigi, Japan
125 feet high / 38 meters high
427 foot span / 130 meter span

Tsutsuji Footbridge 130mtrSpan.jpg

The Tsutsuji Footbridge opened in 2004 within the Nasu volcanic tourism area. Several years after the footbridge was completed issues rose about possible corrosion of the towers and cables from the volcanic gases that are in the area. Measures were taken to preserve the bridge to survive in the more hostile environment for years to come.


Tsutsuji Deck.jpg

Tsutsuji Footbridge 38mtrH.jpg

Tsutsuji Footbridgeelevation.jpg

Tsutsuji elev.jpg

Tsutsuji Area.jpg

Tsutsuji FootbridgeSatellite.jpg

Tsutsuji Footbridge satellite image.

Tsutsuji FootbridgeSatelliteWide.jpg

Tsutsuji FootbridgeLocationMap.jpg

Tsutsuji Footbridge location map.