Vallone Teccio Bridge

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Vallone Teccio Bridge
Viadotto Vallone Teccio
Cadibona, Liguria, Italy
(279) feet high / (85) meters high
(108) foot span / (33) meter span

Vallone TeccioPier.jpg

Few drivers who cross the Vallone Teccio Bridge would ever guess they are on one of Italy's 30 longest bridges with a length of 2,674 meters. Completed in 1976, the 2-lane viaduct is part of the newer Northbound-only segment of the A6 / E717 Autostrada that connects Torino with Savona. The older Southbound segment was originally completed in 1960.

Despite its huge length, the very southern section of the Vallone Teccio Bridge is the most special with piers more then 70 meters tall crossing high above the local Via Ronco road.


Image by Giorgio Stagni.

Vallone Teccio Sky.jpg

Vallone TeccioViadotto.jpg

Vallone TeccioPierView.jpg

Vallone Teccio Sign.jpg

Vallone Teccio Northern Area Viaducts.jpg

A series of lower viaducts cross several more valleys on the northern end of the Vallone Teccio Bridge.

Vallone Teccio.jpg

Vallone Teccio Satellite.jpg

Vallone Teccio Bridge satellite image.


Vallone Teccio SatelliteWide.jpg

Vallone Teccio Location.jpg

Vallone Teccio Bridge location map.

Vallone TeccioLocationMap.jpg