Wenming Bridge

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Wenming Bridge
Rucheng, Hunan, China
(410) feet high / 125 meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span


Wenming Bridge may not be the highest of many large beam bridges along the G76 expressway but it sure is one of the largest stretching more then 1,750 meters across a wide valley in Rucheng County, Hunan Province.

Located at kilometer 67, the Wenming Bridge has an army of piers supporting 20 approach spans of 40 meters on the east side plus a central T-beam section comprised of six spans that are each 120 meters long on the west side. Pier number 28 is the tallest at 110.4 meters but pier 23 is nearly as high with all of the piers in-between exceeding 85 meters.

About 20 kilometers west of Wenming is the gargantuan Chishi Viaduct, the king of the G76 expressway bridges. More then 30 bridges on the G76 exceed 100 meters in height making it the world's greatest high bridge highway.


Image by China Highway.com.



Image by Peoplerail.com.

Wenming Bridge drawing.


Wenming Bridge satellite image.



Wenming Bridge location map.