Wujingou One Bridge

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Wujingou One Bridge
Dujiangzhen, Guizhou, China
(427) feet high / (130) meters high
394 foot span / 120 meter span


The Wujingou One Bridge and its sister bridge Wujingou Number Two are remote beam spans along the G76 Xiarong expressway which extends from the Pacific Coast city of Xiamen to the western China city of Chengdu 1,426 miles (2,295 kms) away.

The cantilevered Wujingou One Bridge beam structure has a span configuration of 5x40 +64+120+64 +2x40 meters on piers as tall as 92 meters.


Wujingou One and Two Bridges satellite image.


Wujingou One and Two Bridges location map.