Xiaowan Lancangjiang Bridge

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Xiaowan Lancangjiang Bridge
Fengqing, Yunnan, China
(1,706) feet high / (520) meters high
5,167 foot span / 1,575 meter span

Xiaowan Lancang River 1575mtrSpan.jpeg

With a main span of 1,575 meters, the Xiaowan Lancangjiang Bridge is the second longest span high level suspension bridge in the world. Only the 1,620 meter span Woluohe Bridge in Sichuan Province is longer. The tallest tower is approximately 300 meters.

The thin steel box deck soars approximately 300 meters above the 220 meter deep waters of the reservoir that formed behind the Xiaowan Dam 8 kilometers downstream.

The Weifeng Expressway 云南巍山至凤庆高速公路 connects Weishan and Fengqing Cities. The giant Shili Heihuijiang arch bridge is located 30 kilometers to the north.

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Xiaowan Lancangjiang Bridge satellite image.



Xiaowan Lancangjiang Bridge location map.