Xinglongshan Glass Footbridge

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Xinglongshan Glass Footbridge
Chengde, Hebei, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
(656) foot span / (200) meter span

Xinglongshan5 Glass By Eeyore.jpg

Image by Eeyore.

Xinglongshan Glass Footbridge crosses a spectacular gorge within the Xinglongshan Scenic area. Also within this popular tourist spot is a ropeway, cliff elevator and numerous glass cliffwalks. The area can be easily reached via the G25 Expressway.

The central glass section of the bridge is approximately 150 meters long. The deck structure is an unusually wide 6 meters with the glass section approximately 3 meters wide.

There is also a smaller footbridge with a span of approximately 50 meters just west of the Xinglongshan Glass Footbridge.

Xinglongshan Glass By Eeyore.jpg

Image by Eeyore.

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Xinglongshan Glass.jpg

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Image by Eeyore.

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Image by Eeyore.

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Image by Eeyore.

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Xinglongshan GlassSatellite.jpg

Xinglongshan Glass Footbridge satellite image.

Xinglongshan GlassSatelliteWide.jpg

Xinglongshan GlassLocationMap.jpg

Xinglongshan Glass Footbridge location map.

Xinglongshan GlassLocationMapWide.jpg

Xinglongshan GlassMap.jpeg