Xixihe Aqueduct Bridge Two

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Xixihe Aqueduct Bridge Two
Honglinxiang, Guizhou, China
(246) feet high / (75) meters high
246 foot span / 75 meter span

Xixi River Traffic and Water Conveyance10.jpg

The Xixihe River gorge has several high crossings including a railway and two expressway bridges over 200 meters in height. But two of the more unusual spans are surely the Xixihe Aqueduct Bridges that carries a waterline more then 100 meters above the river. The newer crossing to the north is a concrete arch with a span of 75 meters and a total length of 103 meters. The lower deck carries a 1.3 meter water pipe while the top deck is a 2-lane road.

The older Xixihe Aqueduct from 2021 is larger and higher

Xixi River Traffic Water Conveyance8.jpg

Xixi River Traffic and Water Conveyance.jpeg

Xixi River Traffic and Water Conveyance7.JPG

Xixi River Traffic and Water Conveyance5.JPG

Xixi River Traffic and Water Conveyance6.JPG


Xixihe Aqueduct Bridge Two satellite image.


Xixihe Aqueduct Bridge Two location map.