Yuhuang Yangshenggu Glass Footbridge

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Yuhuang Yangshenggu Glass Footbridge
Jintang, Sichuan, China
(148) feet high / (45) meters high
(984) foot span / (300) meter span

Yuhuang Yangshenggu2.jpg

One of the longest span footbridges in China at approximately 300 meters, the Yuhuang Yangshenggu Glass Footbridge crosses some scenic crop farms in Jintang County near Chengdu City, Sichuan. The scenic spot also has a very long mountain water slide as well as a zip line.

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Yuhuang YangshengguConst.jpg

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Yuhuang YangshengguSatellite.jpg

Yuhuang Yangshenggu Glass Footbridge satellite image.

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Yuhuang Yangshenggu Glass Footbridge location map

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