Yunqiushan Glass Footbridge

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Yunqiushan Glass Footbridge
Xiangning, Shanxi, China
(328) feet high / (100) meters high
(558) foot span / (170) meter span

Yunqiushan Glass Prob100mtrH.jpeg

Yunqiushan Glass Footbridge is one of the highest footbridge spans in Shanxi Province with a deck strung between two ridges at Yunqiu Mountain.

The Scenic spot also has a bungy tower, swings and a hang gliding zipline.

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Yunqiushan Glass7.jpeg

Yunqiushan Glass Prob170mtrSpan.jpeg

Yunqiushan Glass2.jpeg

Yunqiushan Glass8.jpeg


Yunqiushan GlassDrone.jpg

Yunqiushan GlassTowerView.jpg

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Yunqiushan GlassSwingLake.jpg

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Yunqiushan GlassSwing.jpg

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Yunqiushan Glass Satellite.jpg

Yunqiushan Glass Footbridge satellite image.

Yunqiushan Glass SatelliteWide.jpg

Yunqiushan Glass Map.jpg

Yunqiushan Glass Footbridge location map.

Yunqiushan Glass Location.jpg

Yunqiushan Glass LocationWide.jpg