Zezere River Bridge

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Zêzere River Bridge
Ponte Rio Zêzere
Pedrógão Grande Bridge
Ponte Pedrógão Grande
Pedrógão Grande, Leiria, Portugal
492 feet high / 150 meters high
590 foot span / 180 meter span


One of the largest rivers in Portugal, the Rio Zêzere flows entirely within Portugal from the Serra da Estrela mountain range to its junction with the famous Tagus River 124 miles (200 kms) downstream. The deep cut and rapid descent of the river resulted in the construction of 3 major hydroelectric dams including the Bouçã, Cabril and Castle of Goat. Just a mile (2 kms) or so downstream of the Cabril dam is the lofty Rio Zêzere or Ponte Pedrógão Grande continuous rigid-frame bridge.

The relatively short bridge has a symmetrical layout with side spans of 361 feet (110 mtrs) and 131 feet (40 mtrs) flanking a large central span of 591 feet (180 meters). The single cell rectangular box girder is supported on 316 foot (96.5 mtr) and 303 foot (92.4 mtrs) piers that taper elegantly as they rise from their perch above the steep slopes of the rocky Zêzere river gorge. The bridge was completed in September of 1995 and took two years to construct. Almost 150 meters directly below the bridge is the original 3-span stone arch bridge, the ponte Philippina.

In addition to the Ponte Pedrógão Grande, travelers driving along the IC8 should also visit the Ponte Ribeira de Alge 10 miles (16 kms) to the west which rises about 295 feet (90 mtrs) above a forested creek.

Zêzere River Bridge Elevation

Zêzere Bridge image by Mike_工藤.


Zêzere Bridge satellite image.